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The NCO Club

Linking Veterans with members of the Corporate Community

The non-commissioned officer (NCO) has a rich and vital history across all branches of the United States military. The mission of an NCO is to help enlisted personnel by sharing ongoing support, knowledge and opportunities for advancement and reward throughout their careers. The NCO is the front line in leadership among the ranks of enlisted members of the military. They lead by example and do not sway from the core values of their chosen branch.


Here at Range 2.14, we have the utmost gratitude and respect for our corporate sponsors, who we consider an integral part of our team and our success. This is why we feel that the title of NCO is not only fitting but also essential when describing the enormous support each one of our sponsors provides for our organization and its veterans.

Goals of The NCO Club
Opportunities for Sponsors

Motivation. By linking veterans and members of the corporate community who might not otherwise have an opportunity to connect, we can create a meaningful relationship between our highest level employers and some of our nation’s hardest and most dedicated workers.

Education. Our sponsors bring a wealth of knowledge and experience in a wide array of professional fields. Through the hands-on Range 2.14 program, our sponsors are in a unique position to share this expertise with the nation’s next workforce while supporting a worthwhile cause.

Reward. Going one step past financial support can be very powerful. Sponsors will have the option to be a part of the Range 2.14 retreat curriculum in both mental and physical ways. Corporations can provide employees with the singular experience of attending the program together, building the spirit of teamwork and philanthropy.

Synergy. Range 2.14 has the ability to build teams and camaraderie based on our ongoing re-engagement curriculum. With the involvement of our sponsors, we enhance that experience to extend possibilities in the civilian employment sector.

  • Weekend packages to attend the Range 2.14 retreat  (for our largest contributors)

  • The ability to bring up to three guests or colleagues to attend and participate

  • Each weekend is coordinated with the cycles of veterans who are attending our retreat

  • Team-building exercises through military-inspired simulations and drills

  • Personal communication and networking with attending veterans

  • Recognition in all Range 2.14 marketing materials (if the sponsor chooses to be recognized)

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