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  • What Is Range 2.14?
    Range 2.14 is a nonprofit organization formed by three military veterans to help the transition back into civilian life. We are creating programs and developing plans for retreat that will provide a healing environment for returning veterans through a variety of techniques including fitness, nutrition, alternative medicine, rehabilitation methods and ongoing support.
  • What We Are Not:
    We are not a “catch and release” program that provides no ongoing outreach or support; we are not just a temporary solution or short-term fix. Rather than a vacation from reality, Range 2.14 provides a solid foundation from which to grow, build and succeed throughout a lifetime.
  • Who Is Behind Range 2.14?
    Read more about the three military veterans who founded Range 2.14 here.
  • Why Is This Type of Treatment Important For Veterans?
    Oftentimes, veterans are over-medicated, under-funded and unequipped to handle readjusting back into society. Range 2.14 seeks to promote camaraderie, morale and purpose while recharging veterans’ self-confidence and ability to lead an empowered, successful life. We demand a world where PTSD only borrows lives and never takes them
  • What do your programs entail?
    Our in-house programs include physical fitness, team-building exercises and military-inspired drills. As well as proven alternative medicine therapies such as Transcendental Meditation led by human performance experts, licensed dietitians, nutritionists and transition assistance specialists. Ongoing treatment continues for 18 months with regular check-ins by counselors and fellow veterans to create accountability and regular support.
  • When are you hoping to break ground?
    In 2021, Range 2.14 aims to break ground in building a retreat to facilitate combat veterans, first responders and their families with the resources they need to truly come home.
  • Is there a cost to participate?
    There is no cost for veterans to participate aside from their own travel.
  • How can I help?
    In addition to our ongoing fundraising efforts, we will have a variety of volunteer opportunities, from fundraising events to helping out on the retreat grounds. Follow Range 2.14 on Facebook to stay up to date!
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