Demanding to live in a world where PTSD only borrows lives, and never takes them.


    Brad Chedister is a Warfighter Systems Architect, Draper Labs; Former Lead Subject Matter Expert of TALOS Task Force and US Special Operations Command.


    From 2013-2016, Chedister was the Lead Engineer / Subject Matter Expert for USSOCOM HQ Commander’s top Science and Technology Initiative, the Tactical Assault Light Operator Suit (TALOS) Joint Task Force. Before that, he spent 2004-2016 as a Lead Technology Scout / Subject Matter Expert for multiple Special Operations Command (SOCOM) priorities. Chedister is a Biomedical Engineer by training and holds a double masters in Engineering Management and Technology Management. From 2005 to 2017, he played lead R&D / coordination roles in several SOCOM programs including Sensitive Site Exploitation (SSE), Human Performance Program (HPP), TALOS, Biomedical Initiatives Steering Committee (BISC), Identity Dominance and Identity Superiority Programs, and Village Stability Operations Task Force for Credibility Assessment. Additionally, Chedister was picked to lead a brainstorming group for the Ebola crisis dealing with key technologies in collaboration with the World Health Organization and White House R&D leadership.


    He is currently serving as an independent consultant for emerging technologies to multiple organizations in government / industry / academia (Biotechnology / Pharma-Tech / Human Performance Optimization / Disruptive Technology Scouting) and is the Lead Warfighter Systems Architect for Draper Laboratories in Cambridge, Mass.


    Jamie Bosley is the Cyber Threat Intelligence Program Manager of the Global Intelligence department for Legal Services Division at Caterpillar Inc. Bosley joined Caterpillar in 1997, holding a variety of positions with the company focusing on information technology. She was elected Global Chair in 2013 and continues to serve as a board member of Caterpillar’s Global Women’s Initiatives Network Employee Resource Group. She is a certified master trainer and program owner of Caterpillar’s Breakthrough Leadership for Women and was awarded Caterpillar’s Chairman’s Award for starting the hugely successful leadership program at Caterpillar.


    Bosley earned a bachelor’s degree in Computer Management from Eastern Illinois University in Charleston, Ill., and graduated from Caterpillar and Bradley University’s PoweringUp mini MBA program.


    Bosley is the mother of two boys, Aidan and Carter, and is married to Chris, a Marketing Manager at Caterpillar and former Lieutenant in the US Naval Reserves. Her hobbies include camping, bicycling, women’s development and being a hockey and baseball mom to her own and many other young athletes who she welcomes to live at her house while they play for local teams.


    Caleb Host is a client-first business development professional working in the building automation segment for a highly respected full service design-build mechanical construction firm in Utah. He works successfully with industry professionals, building owners, project executives, stakeholders and state lobbyists, and, through the building of strong relationships, he is able to achieve superior results.


    Growing up a Midwest boy in the home of a general contractor, Host, the youngest of four, learned the value of a hard day’s work from a young age. Armed with the knowledge he had learned through an apprenticeship, along with trial and error, his entrepreneurial spirit blossomed, and, at the age of 15, he branched out and started his first venture. Throughout his teens and early 20s, Host operated a successful landscape construction and design company, which he later sold. With his passion for the outdoors and a connection through his brother, a SeaBee and a disabled war veteran, Host headed west and began working for a military contractor while fulfilling his love for adventures. His work ethic and ability to communicate effectively made him an attractive candidate for a small international company looking for someone to head up its project management/ business development effort in the U.S market.


    In his late 20s, Host accepted a position with a building automation contractor that transferred him to Salt Lake City, a place that he has come to call home, working as a project manager on a high-profile government project alongside several government agencies. Now in his 30s, Caleb works in business development for the largest mechanical firm in Utah. He continues to have a passion for both the outdoors and our military. With two older brothers and several close friends, including Range 2.14 co-founder Andrew Hedlund, having served in the military, Host has always tried to find a way to serve the men and women who have served for him.

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